Short stories

“The Trees of Samothrace”

Short stories from our planet

Divine feminine fiction

By Steffi Nedevska

IZIDA Publishing house, Bulgaria

First edition, 128 pages

ISBN 978-619-704-031-9



Twelve modern jewel- stories of magical reality, spiced up with English humour and South European passion. Written in a distinguished and entertaining style, easy to read

by all generations across borders. Launched on 31 of July 2015 the book has been well received both by public and critics in Bulgaria and immediately attracted the attention of the filming community.

The story lines develop on the islands of Crete and Samothrace, in Great Britain, Bulgaria and other parts of Europe. All stories unite in a simple message viewing change as the very nature of life. Characters go through profound personal transformations driven by dreams and living in dreams, described by the author with memorable and entertaining allegories and rich imagination.

Steffi Nedevska opens a new page in modern Bulgarian literature and very likely in the global writing community. She rides the wave of new writers- citizens of the world, who “grabbed the pen” after successful business careers. In doing so, Steffi was motivated by her profound understanding of human nature, and driven by a strong sense of purpose to empower and inspire. She writes both in her native Bulgarian and in English.

The presence of “The Trees of Samothrace” on the book market signals how much change is going on in the world we live in, how much by way of deep and profound transformation we experience every day that makes things we all think impossible to become possible in a moment, in an instant. Arguably this book is a real paradigm changer; it comes along into the world of the reader and calls everything into question. This is a kind of book which influences the reader’s way of thinking through the change of perspective or through reaching some new understanding that came along by reading.

About the author:

Steffi Nedevska writes both in English and Bulgarian. She is born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria and spent significant time of her life, dedicated to building a career in London, UK. Since 2011 she is actively involved in the mind body spirit movement. She is a respected lecturer, moderator and writer. “The Tress of Samothrace” is her 4th book, after “The story of the heart”, “Conversation about the heart” and the Blessing Angels cards, the latter published as Android, iPhone and Amazon apps. She is a holistic therapist and inspirational speaker and has many years of managerial experience.

What the critics say:

“Steffi Nedevska combines a sharp intelligence with imaginative sympathy and acute powers of observation, and emerges as an insightful and influential short story teller. Her choice of material will widen the horizons of the short story, and entertain her readers for years to come.” Les Philpott, UK consultant

“Steffi writes as if personally tutored by Chekov. Powerful, evocative short stories that penetrate one’s mind and then pleasantly linger there long after being read. This results from the delicacy of the writing, which stimulates the imagination to conjure all the twists, turns, emotions and colours of each story. Wonderful! Please do write more, Steffi!” Stefana Antonopoulu, art dealer

 “The storyline of this is excellent and has lots of potential.The ex-wife in particular came to life through her words.” Lorraine Mace, UK critic about the short story “The Ladybird Gate”

 “Absolutely amazing. I still feel the sweet pain the loved ones shared in their hearts. Her words captured the feelings, painted the wall, and I could literally hear the crackling sound of the chanteuse on the old German gramophone. Steffi, Thank you for sharing this beautiful moment of love and faith.” Linda Dudek, coach, Denmark about the short story “Love”

From the author, Steffi Nedevska

Dear friend,

Thank you for your interest.

“The Lady Bird Gate”, a tale also known as “Kalinka Malinka”, is my first story that I wrote during a writers’ workshop in Dorset. I have always felt I wanted to write and I am happy my career as an author has begun.

The Ladybird Gate, Illustration © 2010 Darina Yaneva,

The Ladybird Gate, Illustration © 2010 Darina Yaneva,

I was born in Bulgaria and have lived in London for 10 years. I have a deep interest in the cultural differences of the World, particularly in the way those differences are bridged through values that are nevertheless shared. And so from 2003 to 2006 I ran a series of monthly EuroClub workshops in London entitled “Understanding Global Cultures”. Through these sessions I met many interesting people from different countries, and the experience greatly enriched my knowledge of the subject.

I wish to introduce the mysteries of the wider world and reach across the boundaries of East and West, hopefully in a way that fascinates and entertains my readers.

I write principally in English but I also produce translations into Bulgarian so my writing is accessible to people in my homeland.

Writing is magic; and you as a reader are part of my dream. I welcome you there and

I am so very much looking forward to hearing from you.

Please, visit my English web or download my Blessing Angels card app for iphone and android



The Ladybird Gate

Download the story in English here

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