Vywamus* about life and consciousness – channelled message

All interactions are coded in our consciousness and perceptions.

What is a consciousness?

Consciousness is a connection to the soul and an expression of the divine blueprint of life. Life is not as you see it- a presence on the planet, which manifests with numbers of relationships. Life is everlasting force just like you might see it as Nature. Life is what makes all around vibrate on a certain level. Life is energy, life is movement. Life is love or happiness. It does not have a beginning or an end, it is an energy wave, and when you accord your soul to it, you can play life. The thing is you do not look at yourself from a soul perspective, you do not see the movement. You see only life like a photograph, which is static. A photograph captures the momentum, but when you look at the momentum it has gone! This is why your perception of life is wrong. You see it as a photograph, a tiny little frame, but it is a movie and it is done by hundred thousand shots. When we delivered the movie industry on earth we wanted for you to get the idea about life and how you can create it. You are the creator, because you watch it and by watching it you actually make it. I know this might be confusing to you, but when you watch it you do shots and your brain puts them together with the speed of light so that you can actually “see” it.

Can you change a movie by watching it?

You can, as the shot has got more than the eyes can perceive. And what you perceive depends on what your choices are.

Who makes the choices?

Your soul in accordance to your will expressed by your “I”. Sometimes the soul can say “Ok, you decide”,  sometimes they both agree, but sometimes the soul takes over, you like to call this “control”, but it is actually a choice, which your soul has taken. Even if it has to put you to a difficult experience, it is difficult only from the perspective of the shot, not of the movie. OK, let’s try this. You see a car coming. What do you actually see? Colour, make, driver? What about other details such as frame door model that you have no clue about? You can’t see them, but they exist. It is the same in life. You can’t see the good in some people, but they are good. We ask you to raise your vibrations to be able to look at things from a soul perspective, to be able to see the movement, the movie, not just the photographs. A photograph is the past, not the present. And you, my friend, live in the present, you live in the movie. If you hold on to that “shot” which you think is life, you will not be in the current of life you will be out of synch and your decisions and actions will not be in tune. But when you look from where am I, all is fine, all is right. I am where life is. You cannot “change” life you can go with the flow of life and be where you want to be.

What is consciousness? Is it a function of human brain?

What you call consciousness is your connection, your channel to your soul. Again, you are not “down” there on earth, you are “up” there in the sky. Your soul is the creator. What you experience “down” there is a perception of your soul choices altered by your emotions- positive or negative.

Plovdiv, 2 February 2013
*Vywamus is the ascended aspect of our planetary logos who holds the whole planet all in his consciousness. He is the one to lead our plant on the way of ascension and often uses the channelling to provide us with vital information. He is the one who knows how to downgrade the energy so that all channels can successfully transform it and understand it. This is a mastery for which he is often called to assist other spiritual teachers and beings who want to communicate with humans.

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